The Avery James Group works with B2B companies of all sizes to

  1. Understand their markets
  2. Choose the most attractive market segments
  3. Provide the right products and services
  4. Support all this with world class business processes
  5. Deliver solutions that address the unmet needs of their customers

In doing so, we allow our clients to grow their market share profitably.

What is business about anyway? It is all about profit – the money you keep after all is said and done.  Successful businesses do this by satisfying the unmet needs of their customers.  Further, why do customers buy from you?  They buy from you because you address their unmet needs in a way that no competitive offering can.

The Avery James Group helps clients achieve profitable growth by:

  • Choosing attractive markets and segmenting markets into customer groups of similar buying behaviors so that our clients can tailor their offerings in a fashion that allows them to grow their businesses profitably
  • Understanding the unmet needs of customers in the most attractive segments using state of the art B2B voice of the customer (VOC) tools
  • Identifying the drivers that define the value delivered to customers as a basis for establishing profitable pricing models
  • Refining existing offerings and developing new offerings to address the identified unmet needs that capture the most value for our clients and their customers
  • Establishing go-to-market plans that allow potential customers to easily find our clients
  • Building and managing supporting business processes that allow clients to invest their time and energy into serving their customers as opposed to worrying about their own supply chain and infrastructure issues

Support and direction is led by Tom Pavilon working with seasoned professionals who have been involved in both operating and consulting roles through their extensive careers.  We bring experts to the table who can help our clients make the right choices, hear the unmet needs for which their customers seek help, address these unmet needs with unique and differentiated offerings and serve these customers with stable supply chains allowing our clients to dedicate more of their attention to their customers than their competition.